Everyone loves Cinnamon Buns…

DM cinnamon buns part 1

One morning, we took a 911 call from a hotel staff person reporting a “robbery”. Thinking that the hotel had just been held up, the questioning took on a sense of urgency. The difficulty with this call, was that the caller had a very thick accent and didn’t have a strong command of the english language. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, but it does make it hard to understand the nature of the call at hand.

After a few questions, it was actually determined that the hotel staff weren’t “robbed” at all and what had actually happened, was that the cinnamon buns from the breakfast bar had been “stolen”. These delicious buns had been set out on a tray, ready for the morning buffet and a short time later, a couple of female guests came down and took the buns. Further questions were along the lines of why the staff thought this was a crime, because after all, “Don’t the cinnamon buns come with the complimentary breakfast?” and “Did they take them before the breakfast bar was open?”. Eventually, it was determined that the staff were upset that the guests had actually taken the ENTIRE tray. These “thieves” had decided that their love of cinnamon buns, trumped anyone else being able to have one.

When the dispatch was sent out, it  went something like this: “Patrol, a 911 call from hotel staff, reporting the theft of cinnamon buns from the ‘free’ breakfast bar”. To which there was an awkward silence, then an officer asked “Dispatch…did you say, ‘cinnamon buns?’…and they called on 911?”. Of course the answer to both questions was “10-4”.

Shortly after the initial dispatch, the hotel staff called 911 AGAIN. This time they were reporting that the subjects had come back, returned the buns and apologized profusely to the hotel staff. Apparently, these “hardened criminals” were so racked with overwhelming feelings of guilt about their “crime”, that they were crying as they returned them.

The officer dispatched was then updated about the return of the cinnamon buns. To which he replied, “Mmm…I think I’ll go have a cinnamon bun!”

Seriously…You can’t make this stuff up.

Dispatch Monkey

DM Cinnamon buns part 2

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